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Visual Marketing 101: How to Create Store Merchandising With High-Converting Displays

Posted by Jessie G on

Visual Marketing 101: How to Create Store Merchandsing With 

High-Converting Displays

Whereboutiqueshop likes to encourage it's customers with handy tips to enhance their product's creativity and inspiring visual displays. When you're diving into the world of retail either through a pop-up shop or your own boutique retail store, one of the key sales metrics you're going to want to focus on is "sales per square footage," which is the average revenue a retail business generates for every square foot of sales space.

Essentially, your "retail space" has to be your most productive and most efficient salesperson, and how you go about optimizing your sales space for maximum revenue is to employ the art and science of visual merchandising.

I can already imagine the grimace upon some of your faces upon seeing the word "visual," thinking to yourself that you're not creative, artistic, or stylish enough to make your retail space look good enough to lure customers in and persuade them to hand over their money for your products.

Yes, the discipline requires a sense of aesthetic, but remember that it's also a science, which means that it's a tried and true method that has been studied with results to show for it, results that you can replicate and recreate for your own store.

However, it's also important to recognize that the field of visual merchandising encompasses a lot of distinctive retail design topics and covers everything from creating the window display a prospective customer first sees, to the signage you put up and the layout you decide on to direct your traffic and a whole lot more.Our customers take time to feature our products, whether it be in a trinket box display cabinet, or an assorted collection of jewelry stands in their boutique's visual merchandise to creative a vision worth pursuing. 

In this post, I'll be covering just enough on how you can go about creating effective merchandising displays in your store that not only catch your target customer's attention, but gets them to make a purchase as well.

Let's get started.

Begin with Your Target Customer In Mind

Knowing your target customer inside and out will help you tremendously when it comes creating effective merchandising displays. I'm not just talking about being familiar with demographic data like their age, income, and education level, but digging a little deeper into their psychographics and behaviours. In other words, targeting not just individual customers, but their lifestyles. 

Find Some Inspiration

 The Jewelry Box

Courtesy Of The Jewelry Box 



Thanks to the Internet you no longer have to wait around for that brilliant idea to hit you when you're thinking about putting together your next merchandising display. Instead, there are a number of invaluable resources available in the form of blogs, boards, and more. Some of the ones I recommend checking out are the following:

Group Like with Like

The jewelry Box  

Grouping like products with like products will give your customers additional reasons to buy more items from you, but it also has a more utilitarian reasoning behind it, namely saving them time from looking around and trying to mix and match things. It’s one of the reasons our boutique owners put earrings next to jewelry stands, right beside their trinket boxes, or rings with ring holders.

You can also think of it as creating categories, but you don’t need to limit your creativity there, you can also create “groupings” within categories. That means having merchandise that might be the same color, price, size, or type together.

Let Light Dictate Mood and Attention


This again ties into engaging your customer’s senses (see above) and guiding them to experience different moods and emotions based on your store’s lighting. Whether they feel like they’re in a nightclub, a fashion runway, or right at home will depend largely on how you decide to use lighting.

Using spotlights to highlight certain products is also a surefire way to direct attention and make sure people pay attention to your top products.

Lastly, Don't Forget to Change It Up

Remember that when trying to optimize your square footage for the most amount of sales, a scientific approach of formulating a hypothesis, executing on your idea, and then testing for results will put you in the routine of trying out new ideas and sticking with what works.

With these tips in mind, go out and give them a shot on one of your merchandising display to see for yourself how you can increase sales through the way you display your products and create a more engaging experience. 

Thanks for tuning in, I hope this has been helpful untill next time

Information Sourced from Shopify

Some Photos Courtesy Of The Jewelry Box


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